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RCA RD2780 Hard Drive Upgrade
by Normando

I feel that the RD2780 should have shipped with a minimum of a 40GB drive. Unfortunately, it only comes in the 20GB flavor. The good news is that Thomson did not make it very difficult to upgrade the hard drive yourself. The RD2780 can use any 9.5mm IDE 2.5" laptop hard drive.

I am writing this to help you, so if you mess up your $400 RD2780... it is your fault, and I and this site assume absolutely no responsibilty for anything. Follow this guide at your own risk. If you are cautious, you should not have any problems.

Step 1: Preparing your new 9.5mm Hard Drive

I purchased a HITACHI/IBM 80GB 08K0635 2.5" 9.5MM 4200RPM 2MB NOTEBOOK HARD DRIVE from for $199. I also purchased an aluminum enclosure for $25.50 to house the 20GB Hitachi drive that I will be removing from my RD2780. Here are the links (if you are interested)

80GB Hitachi Drive

2.5" HD Enclosure

  1. Install the HD inside of the enclosure.
  2. Hook it up to your USB 2.0(preferably) or USB 1.1 port.
  3. If you are running Win2K or WinXP, the enclosure will be auto-detected and install the correct USB Mass Storage driver automatically. If you are using WinME or 98SE, you will have to install drivers off of the bundled install CD.
  4. Right click the "My Computer" icon and select "Manage.."
  5. Click on "Disk Management" in the left panel.
  6. (Sorry, I am going from memory here... so the actual terms may differ slightly) Find your new drive in the right window and right click on it's bar, then choose "Create Partition".
  7. Create one Primary Partition that is of the FAT32 flavor at it's maximum size. (DO NOT USE NTFS.. IT WILL NOT WORK)
  8. A window will pop up asking you if you want to format it... Choose "Do not format at this time". The reason for this is that Win2K and WinXP will not let you format a FAT32 drive any larger than 32GB. If you are using Win98, you can simply format a FAT32 drive without any problems. My 2K & XP workaround for this problem took a bit of research.
  9. Once the partition is created and it says "Healthy", Right click it and set it to be "Active".
  10. Close out of the Computer Management Control panel.
  11. Download H2Format (it is freeware).
  12. Unzip the file and copy the H2Format.exe file to the root of your C drive.
  13. From the Start menu select "Run..." and type in "cmd" then press Enter.
  14. Your DOS prompt should read "C:\>". If not, type in "c:" and Enter.
  15. Then type in "H2Format H:" (Substitute your drive letter for H if it is different).
  16. In a couple of seconds, it will format your drive to it's full capacity as a FAT32 drive.

Step 2: Copying your Movies and Videos to your new 9.5mm Hard Drive

  1. Attach your RD2780 to your USB 2.0 port.
  2. Copy your audio, photos and video folders from your RD2780 to your new hard drive.
  3. Do NOT copy the "lyra_sys" folder.
  4. After the files are transferred, safely remove both the USB HD Enclosure and your RD2780 from your computer.

Step 3: The replacement-->




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